Tornado Relief Press Release

Haven Ministries leaders have been in direct contact with QAC Emergency Service leaders, staff from the Sherrifs Dept, Social Service representatives, and the Red Cross workers throughout this week. The Red Cross and QAC Emergency Services have led the disaster relief efforts, which is their specialty, to respond to victims of the tornado that hit the Kent Island area on Monday. Right now, no one has requested further assistance with long term shelter. If this need arises, the above-mentioned organizations are poised to contact Haven Ministries. We are prepared to open the shelter, provide food and other services. If this happens, we will certainly contact community leaders as to what is needed. If we open, we will organize a list of needed items including meals and a volunteer schedule. Right now we are “on hold” until we can better access the long-term needs.
Thanks for your willingness to help!

A warm welcome and sincere thanks to our new business partners who are making a difference in the lives of our neighbors!

Please frequent these businesses who are helping to support, feed, clothe, and shelter the homeless in our community.

Supportive Funding from Chesapeake Helps