A Tuesday Morning Pick-Me-Up!

Krista Pettit – October 2020

I recently received an email from Jennifer Hall, Program Specialist & SHIP/SMP Coordinator at QAC Area Agency on Aging sharing the success story of a client.

She sent a “Tuesday morning pick up” and an example of how the organizations in Queen Anne’s County work together and what an impact these services can have on someone’s life.

Jennifer Hall and Cindy Boone, QAC Area Agency on Aging, worked with a gentleman, “Mr. Bill” over the last year.  “Mr. Bill” has a long history of ‘homelessness and hopelessness’ that he has allowed us to share.  They are happy to report that “he is now successfully housed, compliant with mental health therapy, and receiving all benefits he is entitled to.”  Jennifer says “To say that this makes me feel so happy is an understatement.  To see the joy in a client’s eyes where there was nothing but hopelessness at one point is overwhelming.  We all play such a significant role in helping people on a daily basis.”  “This gentleman is a true QAC Community Services and Haven Ministries success story!!!!!”

Our own Case Manager & Director of Operations, Sandi Wiscott, also worked with “Mr. Bill” as a client for 5 years. He has used the resources provided by Haven Ministries; The Emergency Winter Shelter, Daily Thread Thrift Store, Emergency Food Pantry and the resource center to overcome his financial and health hardships.  Sandi is happy to let us know that “Mr. Bill” has been able to stabilize his situation with permanent housing and is overjoyed to have recently received a vehicle generously donated by Robert Wade of Maid Healthy, which will make life tremendously better for him!

In a year of uncertainty, we are so grateful for the kindness and compassion given to our clients. “Mr. Bill” is both humbled and grateful for all the assistance he has received from everyone!

Jenifer Hall, “Mr. Bill” and Cindi Boone with a car donated by Robert Wade of Maid Healthy