Peter Grim Appointed New Executive Director of Haven Ministries

Peter Grim Appointed New Executive Director of Haven Ministries


CONTACT: Peter Grim, 410-827-7194

Peter Grim of Rock Hall, a non-profit executive, has been appointed the new Executive Director of Haven Ministries. Grim replaces Krista Pettit, who founded the organization 20 years ago in Queen Anne’s County to address the need for a homeless shelter there.

At a recent celebration of Pettit’s achievements, Caroline Aland, Past Board President of Haven Ministries recalled, “Krista was sitting in church and got a calling from God. He told her there was a need in her community. There are people without housing who are struggling to survive. He asked her to do something. To start a shelter.”

Krista created the Queen Anne County Christian Assistance program and pretty soon they had a place to shelter people. The first year the shelter was in the Grasonville Community Center. After the first year, the shelter moved to the Kent Island United Methodist Church where it has remained operating as a seasonal shelter.

“But that’s not all… she then organized the Food Pantry, a Resource Center, transitional housing, a Food Pantry Truck in Sudlersville, Our Daily Thread Thrift Store, and Hope Warehouse providing sustainable income for Haven Ministries’ programs and goods for its clients. And now we have the Homes for Hope housing program,” added Aland.

Aland pointed out that all of these projects were opened with tremendous prayer and thought. The organization started with a handful of volunteers and has grown to 14 paid staff, hundreds of volunteers, and has helped thousands of residents over the years.

Grim, who follows Pettit, has had several years of experience in executive leadership, development, and operational oversight of non-profit organizations. Most recently he facilitated a start-up and served as Executive Director of The Common Place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a non-profit organization providing education, social service collaboration, and faith formation to serve resource-challenged children and families. Before that, he managed retirement communities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

“Peter’s non-profit experience includes faith-based multiple startups, strategic planning, community-based programs that include nutrition education, food pantry operations, after-school programming, technical education, summer camps, fundraising, and construction. He has held general management positions that cover all the critical skill sets needed for success as Executive Director, including community relations, communications, and group leadership,” states Jack Gottschalk, Haven Ministries Board President.

“One of his endearing qualities is that when you meet him you can see straight through to his heart. He is a caring and devoted Christian who like our founder ‘walks the talk.’ What you see is what you get – an honest, personable, and capable executive with a broad skill set that is already making a difference to Haven Ministries.”

Grim brings an entrepreneurial-driven approach to non-profit management to ensure fiscal stability and growth. His father started a retirement community the year he was born, and Grim grew up working at all levels of the operation.

“Throughout my childhood to adulthood, I gained valuable experience with increasing levels of responsibility working in housekeeping, maintenance, kitchen, bookkeeping, nursing home administration, and overall management culminating in a board position, ownership, and eventual sale of the organization. This vast experience carried over to bring much success in future business endeavors,” he reflects.

Grim holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Miami and an M.B.A. in Health Care Administration from St. Joseph’s University.

“One of the first things I hope to do is to bring additional stability to the organization in terms of structure and processes. The organization grew quickly and is doing lots of amazing things in the community. I want to look at creating efficiencies in our programs to be even more effective. That is something I’ve done in my past, so that was another thing that drew me to this job with Haven Ministries,” Grim explained.

“As a Christian, I believe that you need to help others while also helping them learn how to help themselves. That will be a principle I follow in working with the community we serve.”

For further information about supporting Haven Ministries, visit or call Peter Grim at 410-827-7194.

Love shapes the ministry, love transforms people, and hope prevails at Haven Ministries.  Haven Ministries operates a seasonal Homeless Shelter, a Resource Center, and Food Pantry in Queenstown, Our Daily Thread Store in Chester, Hope Warehouse in Queenstown, and a Food Pantry Truck in Sudlersville.

Caption: Pictured is Peter Grim, new executive director of Haven Ministries.

Peter Grim, Executive Director Haven Ministries

2020 Shore Update Best Of

2020 Shore Update Best Of

2020 Shore Update Best Of

Front Line Hero

By Marcus Hoffman

Krista Pettit, founder of Haven Ministries, honored as our front line hero.

For the last several years, Haven Ministries has served an important role in our community-helping those going through economic hardship. Whether it be getting food on

the table for a hungry family or giving someone without a home a safe place to sleep, Haven Ministries provides an invaluable service to Queen Anne’s County.

The pandemic and subsequent lockdown only accentuates Haven Ministries’ importance.

Many lost their jobs and were forced to deal with a backed up unemployment system and

suddenly had to turn to Haven Ministries for help. Even some who didn’t experience financial hardship had to turn to Haven Ministries during the brief food shortage. Because of everything Haven Ministries has done for Queen Anne’s County during COVID, we think they embody the essence of #Shorestrong. I got to speak with Krista Pettit, the founder of Haven Ministries, to learn a little more about the organization’s origins, how they adapted to best serve the community during the pandemic and the role faith plays in what Haven Ministries does.

What led to you starting Haven Ministries?

Many years ago, my family and I personally experienced financial hardship. In order to make ends meet, we had to accept help from our family including our church family. As difficult

as that was, I experienced the power of the church in walking alongside those facing difficult times and that changed my life forever. During this timeframe at a church worship service, I heard God call to me, telling me to start a homeless shelter. After ignoring this command for some time, the burden to start a shelter became overwhelming. One day I cried out to God and

asked him how I was to start a shelter, and He replied – “call the churches.” I started calling the area churches who affirmed that they were indeed interested in joining the efforts of helping the homeless. I quickly scheduled a meeting, and Haven Ministries was born.

How has COVID changed how Haven Ministries does things? Has the transition been difficult?

Haven Ministries’ essential services have remained open throughout the pandemic. In order to meet HUD and CDC recommendations, we have had to totally reconfigure how we distribute services – which has led to drive-thru food pantries, completing applications for financial assistance by phone, and relocating the shelter to a hotel. To meet the increased need for food, Haven Ministries opened a head- quarters with a food pantry that is open five days a week for

consistent, efficient and dignified food distribution. We were also invited into Sudlersville to serve in an area experiencing high food insecurity.  The homeless shelter which usually closes the end of April, has remained open throughout the year to meet the need in this extraordinary time. To date, 32 people have been served at the shelter hotel since March. The greatest change I have seen is the difficulty of raising funds when all of our spring, summer and fall fundraisers have been canceled due to health and safety issues. Trying to raise all funds virtually is quite a challenge.

Have you witnessed something you thought was particularly outstanding that someone else did to help bring our community together?

I have witnessed the community agencies come together through the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and other collaborations to tackle COVID related issues in Queen Anne’s County. It has been amazing to watch how we all come together to meet the challenges of this unique time in history. There are so many public servants and volunteers who, out of love and concern for others, do amazing things.

Can you share a story that particularly touched your heart while you were serving our community during COVID?

A young man came to one of our food distribution events after recently losing his job due to the COVID crisis. He couldn’t believe he was there; he said he never saw himself having to accept this kind of help. Although it was humbling, he shared that he was very grateful to be able to bring food home to his family. It is just one story, but it has been told over and over again this past year by different folks. It reminds me how important it is for the community to help those in need, but also to treat them with dignity and respect.

How has COVID affected you personally?

I think I have been too busy to reflect on it! Many years ago, I began starting each day early in the morning with a time of prayer and reading of scripture. This discipline helps me start each day prepared for whatever will come my way. This private time with God reminds me that He is in control, and I can trust Him. Because of this, I have not been personally worried during this time, but it has been difficult to watch the challenges facing my children (and other young people in our community). My daughter had the difficult decision of returning to school with the real possibility of being sent home early. My son missed out on many of his senior year activities

and now he is at boot camp to become a Marine… and we may not be able to watch him graduate. So while I am at peace, I am also saddened by this particular time we live in. I grieve for all who are hurting and who have lost so much. But I also have hope, because I know greater days are ahead. Haven Ministries is more important now than ever, and we think they truly embody what it means to be Shore Strong. As Krista said, raising funds during a pandemic is difficult and If you would like to help support Haven Ministries, you can go to to find the many ways that you can help.

HAVEN MINISTRIES was also recognized as an

‘Organization that Makes Our Community a Better Place’

‘Organization Exemplifying #ShoreStrong During COVID’

‘Volunteers with the Biggest Hearts’

They help others who are less fortunate in our community… They are dedicated to helping those in need… They bring volunteers together to help those in our community who are most in need…

OUR DAILY THREAD was also recognized as an

‘Organization that Makes Our Community a Better Place’

“Our Daily Thread is a great community service and wonderful place to shop and find deals.”

Spunkwear Donates a Portion of Mask Sales to Haven Ministries

Spunkwear Donates a Portion of Mask Sales to Haven Ministries

Spunkwear Donates a Portion of Mask Sales to Haven Ministries

Spunkwear, a local apparel company based on Kent Island, had to pivot its business last spring with the arrival of COVID-19. Sheilah Ruppert, the founder of Spunkwear, got creative and designed a new line of facemasks that are lightweight, offering breathability and comfort, but which are also fun and stylish. 

“When we turned our attention to making masks, I decided that we’d donate a portion of sales to Haven Ministries. I’ve always been impressed with the uplifting work they do and the dignified manner in which they serve our community” states Ruppert.

Over the summer, the sales of Spunkwear’s masks for men, women, and children, as well as neck gaiters, took off. The company gained recognition regionally and nationally and was even featured on the television show, “The View,” this past July. To date, Spunkwear has donated $18,490 to Haven Ministries.

Since March, Haven Ministries has seen an increased need for its programs and services throughout Queen Anne’s County. The Shelter has remained open throughout 2020 serving 52 people, including 12 children.  Over 3500 people in Queen Anne’s County have received 81,516 pounds of food and Haven Ministries has provided over $23,000 of financial assistance to its neighbors. As the winter months near, the organization is hoping that other local businesses will step up as business partners as Spunkwear has done.

“We can’t begin to thank Spunkwear for their generous support during this time. As we move into the fall and winter months, we will have a continued need for funds to support shelter, food, clothing, and resources for those challenged by COVID.  As residents of Queen Anne’s County continue to struggle with finding affordable housing, we will also require funds for housing assistance,” comments Krista Pettit, Executive Director of Haven Ministries.

For further information about donating or becoming a Business Partner of Haven Ministries, visit or call Krista Pettit at 410-739-4363.

Love shapes the ministry, love transforms people, and hope prevails at Haven Ministries.  Haven Ministries operates a seasonal Homeless Shelter, a Resource Center and Food Pantry at 206 Del Rhodes Avenue in Queenstown, Our Daily Thread Thrift Store in Stevensville, Hope Warehouse in Queenstown, and a Resource Center at Fisher Manor.

Pictured left to right are Krista Pettit, Executive Director of Haven Ministries, receiving a check from Sheilah Ruppert owner of Spunkwear, a local apparel company based on Kent Island. To date, Spunkwear has donated $18,490 to Haven Ministries from the sale of its new line of facemasks.

Haven Ministries Works with Community Partners to Expand Food Distribution in Northern Queen Anne’s County

Haven Ministries Works with Community Partners to Expand Food Distribution in Northern Queen Anne’s County

Haven Ministries Works with Community Partners to Expand Food Distribution in Northern Queen Anne’s County

Haven Ministries is partnering with The Judy Center/Queen Anne’s County Public Schools and Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center to expand its food distribution in northern Queen Anne’s County, specifically in the Sudlersville area.

The Judy Center, which is a Maryland Food Bank distribution partner, has been working with the Emergency Operations Committee in Queen Anne’s County during the pandemic to reach high food insecurity areas in the county with centralized food distribution at the Sudlersville Elementary and Middle Schools and Church Hill Elementary School. Haven Ministries was asked to join forces with partnering agencies and organizations in the northern portion of Queen Anne’s County to assist in the streamlining of food distribution services.  A pop-up drive-through food pantry at Sudlersville Park in August reached over 125 families with over 17,000 pounds of food.

“This has been a broad-based community effort. It has a lot of moving parts, but Haven Ministries has a smooth system to handle it all,” comments Elizabeth Miller, LCSW-C, Queen Anne’s County Public Schools Program Coordinator. “As we move forward with this location, it will provide for more efficient, effective and equitable food distribution meeting the unmet needs of individuals and families in the northern part of the county.”

According to Krista Pettit, Executive Director of Haven Ministries, the organization is looking to create a more permanent food pantry in Sudlersville in the future to offer individuals greater food options and to minimize food waste.

Haven Ministries is also partnering with Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center, helping families affected by COVID-19 and who are quarantined to stay at home and recover while food and supplies are delivered to them.

“Haven Ministries has been so generous with our families in Grasonville, Church Hill, Sudlersville, and Queenstown. Every need has been met – including food, diapers, and formula. They have even been supporting families with their utility and rent payments. These families have been so grateful,” states Victoria Gomez Lozano, Hispanic Outreach Coordinator for Chesapeake Multicultural Resource Center.

She adds, “We couldn’t be more thankful for the support they are providing for these families.”

With increased demands for its food pantries and overall services in Queen Anne’s County, Haven Ministries relocated its food pantries from Stevensville and Centreville, along with its Centreville Resource Center, to a new Food Pantry/Resource Center at 206 Del Rhodes Avenue in Queenstown in July. By streamlining its services, the organization is creating a more centralized location to provide services, improving efficiencies for its clients, staff, and volunteers. At the new location, customers can select their own food items once a month and connect to much-needed resources in one location.

The Queenstown Center, including the food pantry and resource center, is open daily from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and one day a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Clients must register first by calling 410-827-7194. The Resource Center at the Fisher Manor Housing Development in Grasonville is open on the second Saturday of each month from 9 a.m. to noon. The pop-up food pantries in Sudlersville are held monthly. For further information, visit

Love shapes the ministry, love transforms people, and hope prevails at Haven Ministries.  Haven Ministries operates a seasonal Homeless Shelter, a Resource Center and Food Pantry at 206 Del Rhodes Avenue in Queenstown, Our Daily Thread Thrift Store in Stevensville, and Hope Warehouse in Queenstown.

Online Concert Series Funds Shelter, Food, and Financial Resources for those in need

Online Concert Series Funds Shelter, Food, and Financial Resources for those in need

Haven Ministries Online Concert Series Funds Shelter, Food, and Financial Resources for Those in Need

Haven Ministries is hosting an online concert series with Macum Creek Concerts to raise funds for the growing need for services in Queen Anne’s County.  The Haven Ministries concerts will be broadcast live on Facebook Live on Thursday nights at 7 p.m. for the next few weeks.

Krista Pettit, Executive Director of Haven Ministries, comments, “COVID19 has impacted the revenue we usually get from our fundraisers, our Thrift Shop, and Hope Warehouse – all of which have either been canceled, postponed or closed. This revenue would typically fund our services to those in need in the county. To meet this need, we decided to get creative with a concert series where people can donate while listening to some amazing singer-songwriters and their donations will be matched by a generous anonymous donor.”

“This is a great way to enjoy quality entertainment while helping a local charity, from the comfort of your living room,” she adds.

The first concert in the series on April 30 at 7 p.m. will feature Nora Jane Struthers, a nationally-known touring artist from Nashville, TN. Struthers is an Americana, singer/songwriter who sings Appalachian bluegrass and country music. She has headlined at The Soundry (Columbia MD), Freeman Stage (Milford, DE), Gypsy Sally’s (Washington DC), Kennedy Center Millennial Stage, as well as dozens of other venues, festivals and house concerts across the US. She has released seven records, the most recent, “Bright Lights, Long Drives, First Words,” was released in 2019.

According to NPR Music, “Fans of Dixie Chicks, Alison Krauss and Dolly Parton, take notice: Nora Jane Struthers embodies everything you could want in an Americana singer-songwriter.”

The Concert Series continues on May 7 and May 14 with some other nationally-known Nashville Americana folk artists. The idea originated with Kent Island residents Dave and Kathy Airel who run Macum Creek Concerts. The two who share a love of music have been holding “house concerts” in their homes for several years and decided to use them to help the community.

Dave Airel comments, “We started having house concerts as a hobby because we just wanted to have music in our home, and because we wanted to help these up and coming artists from Nashville and Austin broaden their audience in the Delmarva region.”

According to Airel, after getting to know Krista and her husband Chris, the Pettit’s suggested the idea of offering the concerts as a way to help Haven Ministries. According to Airel, this is just one of the creative solutions coming out of COVID-19 which can help nonprofits. It is also a way to get new listeners for some of the artists by seeking out live performances, including at house concerts like Macum Creek Concerts.

During this health crisis, Haven Ministries essential services remain open including its homeless shelter, food pantries, and financial resources. Pettit points out that it costs $85 per day to house two people with shelter and food. Haven Ministries Shelter continues to house men, women, and children even though in normal times the Shelter would close in April. Per recommendations from HUD and CDC, Haven Ministries is hoping to increase its shelter services into the summer but is seeking donations to make this possible.

To date, 273 people attended both food pantries held in March, which included 100 new people. A total of 857 people in households received food, including 315 children, 438 adults, and 104 seniors. In addition, over 20 bags of food are distributed weekly.  The number of food requests is increasing daily.

To learn more about supporting Haven Ministries, visit haven-ministries. There may be a special guest appearance on the Haven Ministries Concert Series.  Check the Haven Ministries Facebook Page havenministriesshelter often for any additions to the schedule. For further information about upcoming shows, visit Haven Ministries Facebook page or Macum Creek Concerts at

Love shapes the ministry, love transforms people, and hope prevails at Haven Ministries.  Haven Ministries operates a seasonal Homeless Shelter, a Resource Center at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Centreville and at Fisher Manor in Grasonville, the Haven Ministries Food Pantries at Safe Harbor Presbyterian Church in Stevensville and Centreville United Methodist Church in Centreville, Our Daily Thread Thrift Store in Stevensville and Hope Warehouse in Queenstown.

Haven Ministries Transforms Lives

For the past 15 years, Haven Ministries on Kent Island has been impacting the lives of the poor in Queen Anne’s County. As a faith-based nonprofit, the organization offers quality programs that address housing, hunger, and clothing.  For the last fourteen years, Haven Ministries has operated a seasonal shelter at Kent Island Methodist Church for the homeless in the county. Working with local churches, government agencies and other nonprofits, it has been able to provide over 2,500 nights of safe shelter operations; served more than 720 people through its shelter services and outreach; and served more than 2,000 people per year food and clothing through (2) Food Pantries and the Thrift Store.

Krista Pettit, executive director of Haven Ministries, comments, “One of the main issues in our county is the disparity between the income that our clients can earn and the cost of housing in the area.  This is exacerbated with few affordable housing options in Queen Anne’s County. As a result, the county must deal with a growing homeless population.”

Haven Ministries participates in the Continuum of Care which is a group of service providers who meet to discuss issues of homelessness on the Eastern Shore.  All of these service providers also align to help provide the best care to the homeless population in our region.  Haven Ministries has made connections with local veteran groups to help homeless veterans receive appropriate services.  Krista explains that Haven Ministries is the only homeless shelter that serves men, women, children in the entirety of Queen Anne’s County. She adds, “We are filling a need that has not been met prior to opening a shelter nine years ago.” 

For Ross, a veteran who was a client with Haven Ministries five years ago, the shelter was a lifesaver. As an Army veteran, he was battling some issues and ended up homeless while visiting family in Grasonville during the winter months. He comments, “They helped me get on the right path.”

In addition to just offering a “roof over your head,” Haven Ministries Shelter helps its clients by assigning them to a Case Manager who works with them to connect to county resources for jobs, housing, medical services, and transportation. While staying in the Haven Ministries Shelter, Ross needed a variety of services. His case worker helped connect him to resources that could address his dental and eye issues, as well as his overall health problems. After connecting him to the Cambridge VA Outpatient Clinic, he was able to get help at Perry Point VA Health System. Ross recalls, “After the shelter closed in April, I was then able to transfer to a year-round shelter in Delaware which was close to my medical services at Perry Point. I stayed for at that shelter for two years.”

During this time, Ross was able to get his disability status and eventually a rent-assisted apartment in Cecil County. He has lived independently there now for three years.

Ross adds, “I am in a lot better place than I was.  The Shelter offers a lot of help to a lot of people. I met some nice people while I was there. They were like family to me.”

Krista comments, “We align with area churches, nonprofits, and county programs to provide resources to the homeless.”

Among the faith organizations providing volunteers for Haven Ministries are Calvary United Methodist Church, Centreville United Methodist Church, Christ Episcopal Church, Community Baptist Church of Barclay, First Baptist Church, Island Alliance Church, Kent Island United Methodist Church, Safe Harbor Presbyterian Church, Wye Parish, St. Christopher’s Catholic Church, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Sudlersville United Methodist Church, NEW United Methodist Church, Wye Bible Church, and Wye of Carmichael United Methodist Church.

The Reverend Mark S. Delcuze, Rector of Christ Church Parish, Kent Island, comments, “This is the most ecumenical program I do on the Island. We are all pushing for the same goal – to care for people. When I look out into the room during our meetings, I am reminded of the number of faith groups gathered around the single purpose of helping our neighbors. Haven Ministries is not an institution – it is a group of faith communities allied by a common goal.”

In addition to its Shelter, Haven Ministries offers a Food Pantry with staples like canned fruits and vegetables, as well as poultry and ham, drinks and even freeze pops for the kids. The Food Pantry, located at the gymnasium at Safe Harbor Presbyterian Church, also receives fresh fruits and vegetables seasonally from area farmers. Haven Ministries Thrift Shop, located on Thompson Creek Road near Cracker Barrel in Stevensville offers household items, like sheets and towels, and clothing. Krista comments, “We desire the continuing support of the community through volunteering at the Thrift Shop, Food Pantry, Shelter, and through financial donations.  We also rely on supporters to communicate the correct information about Haven Ministries to others.”

With the growing need for a permanent shelter in Queen Anne’s County, the shelter plans to build a new shelter, located at 325 State Street, the same place the Haven Ministries transitional housing program has operated for over three years. The shelter’s new permanent location will be convenient to its clientele, who benefit most from being close to the schools, park, library medical and senior services and employment opportunities on Kent Island. The new facility will be approximately 6,900 square feet. Completion of the new facility will allow the transitional housing program to operate year round while increasing its services and amenities. These amenities include computer areas, a meeting room for classes and counseling, a children’s playroom, a commercial kitchen, a laundry room and elevators.

Pictured are workers at Haven Ministries Shelter at Kent Island Methodist Church. For the past 11 years, Haven Ministries on Kent Island has been impacting the lives of the poor in Queen Anne’s County. As a faith-based nonprofit, the organization offers quality programs that address housing, hunger, and clothing. 

Haven Ministries Golf Tournament 2019: Putting a Roof Over Homelessness

Haven Ministries Golf Tournament 2019: Putting a Roof Over Homelessness

Haven Ministries will again host its 3rd Annual Haven Ministries Golf Tournament on Friday, September 20, 2019, at Prospect Bay Country Club. The event benefits Haven Ministries housing assistance programs, including its Emergency Winter Shelter located at Kent Island United Methodist Church from October through April; its Street Outreach to respond to individuals and families experiencing a housing crisis; and its Resource Center, located in the basement of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church that is open to the public. Funds are often used to assist with housing situations in order to avoid the risk of homelessness. For five years, Haven Ministries has been focusing efforts in the Kent Island area in order to operate a housing assistance program there. 

The scenic Prospect Bay golf course is located at 311 Prospect Bay Drive West, in Grasonville, MD. Check-in begins at 8 a.m. and Shotgun Start at 9 a.m. It will be Captain’s Choice format. The price per player is $125 and includes Green Fees, Cart, Range Balls, Continental Breakfast, Complimentary Beverages on the Course, Lunch in the Clubhouse, and Prizes. Prizes will be awarded for the following categories: Top 3 Teams, Longest Drive Men & Women, Closest to the Pin Men & Women, Special Hole-in-one Contest, Door Prizes, 50/50 Drawing and more.

The Haven Advantage Package is valued at $10 per golfer and includes: 1 Mulligan, 1 Move up to Forward Tee and 1 Hand Toss a.k.a. “Hand Wedge.” Extra Mulligans are available for $5 each per player.

The premier event sponsors include Construction Services and Supply, the Roof Center, the American Legion Post 278 with support from VFW, Reedy Electrical, and Delmarva Power – an Exelon Company.

Haven Ministries Business Partners supporting the event include the following:

Diamond Level: Island Furniture Studio, Increte, and BAAR; Sapphire Level: Bay Times, Wye Conference Center, What’s Up Media, and PNC Bank;

Platinum Level: The Roof Center, Safe at Home Senior Care, Construction Services and Supply, and Prospect Bay: Gold Level: Harris Crab House, Riley Custom Homes, Swan Cove Salon, The Narrows, Tri Gas & Oil, Waterman Realty, Homeland Title & Escrow, Hemingway’s Restaurant, Range and Reef, and The Shore Update;

Silver Level: Chesapeake Hearing Centers, Holiday Inn Express, Island Dental Studio, Island Flooring, Lundberg Builders, McCrone, Miltec, Realty Navigator, Shore United Bank, U.S. Health Care, Rotary Kent Island, KRM Development, Kari Anderson for Oceans Lending, Serr.Biz LLC, Rodan & Fields- Salisbury, and Shore Sign;

Bronze Level: Blue Heron Catering, Chesapeake Chef Services, Chesa Del Crier, Capriotti’s -Chester, Joseph w. McCartin Insurance, Computer Island, Island Athletic, Legal Shield, Maid Healthy, Rodan & Fields, Cari Healy Hair,  Chesapeake Think Tank, Linda Prochaska, Bob Gosselin Photography, Bella Rose Medi, Visiting Angels, Jenny Spencer -Mary Kay, Barbara Martin, KI Minuteman Press, Kentmorr Restaurant, First Home Mortgage, and The Winery.                                                              

Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Contact Taryn Chase at 410-490-0925. For further information or to register for the tournament, visit

Love shapes the ministry, love transforms people, and hope prevails at Haven Ministries.  Haven Ministries operates a seasonal Homeless Shelter located at the Kent Island United Methodist Church in Stevensville, a Resource Center at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Centreville, the Haven Ministries Food Pantries at Safe Harbor Presbyterian Church in Stevensville and Centreville United Methodist Church in Centreville, Our Daily Thread Thrift Store in Stevensville and Hope Warehouse in Queenstown.

Second Annual Beef, Bonfires and Cigars Scheduled for November 3

Second Annual  Beef, Bonfires and Cigars Scheduled for November 3


The second annual “Beef, Bonfires and Cigars,” to benefit Haven Ministries, will be held on November 3, 2018 from 5:30 to 9 p.m. at the Aspen Institute, Wye River Conference Center, 600 Aspen Drive in Queenstown. The event will offer a night out to sample food and beverage tastings from multiple restaurants, caterers, and distilleries in the region, a fun live auction, and other festive fall activities. Food tastings will be provided by Chesapeake Chef’s Services, The Narrows, Hemingway’s, Blue Heron Catering, Harris Crab House, Range and Reef, Coopers Hawk, Chesapeake Celebrations, and Oyster Bar. The beverage tastings will be offered by Lyon’s Distillery, The Winery, and Blackwater Distillery.  There will also be live music and multiple vendors showcasing their goods, including cigars to smoke and a cash bar will be available.

Mia Cranford, Director of Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator at Haven Ministries, comments, “Last year’s event was such a success, we wanted to repeat it again this year. It is a fun event for people to just come out and have a good time.”

This year, the event is offering a limited number of rooms for weekend stays at the four Star stunning Aspen Institute, Wye River Conference Center. The cost for a two-night stay is $299 and includes two tickets to the Beef, Bonfires and Cigars event and lunch on Saturday, as well as breakfast on Sunday.

According to Krista Pettit, Executive Director of Haven Ministries, the event benefits Haven Ministries as it continues with its fundraising efforts to help sustain its important programs and to move the ministry forward in purchasing property for a housing assistance program.

Haven Ministries Business Partners supporting the event include the following:

Diamond Level:  Increte and BAAR (Bay Area Association of Realtors)

Sapphire Level: Bay Times, Wye River Conference Center, A Dolce Property, and What’s Up Media.

Platinum Level: Safe at Home Senior Care, Prospect Bay Country Club, Roof Center, Construction Services and Supplies, Inc., Kate Spade, and My Logo On It.

Gold Level: Harris Crab House, Hemingway’s, The Narrows, Riley Custom Homes, Island Furniture Studios, The Shore Update, Range and Reef, Swan Cove Salon and Spa, and Tri Gas and Oil.

Silver Level: Lundberg Builders, Salon Atelier, Holiday Inn Express, Chesapeake Hearing Centers, Miltec, Free State Insurance, McCrone, Realty Navigator, Hawk Marketing, Keller Williams/, U.S. Health Care/, Shore United Bank, Island Floors, Kent Island Rotary, Details Group, Island Dental Studio, Refreshed Women, Cargo Direct, Shore Signs, The Ophiuroidea, KRM Development, Queenstown Bank, and Shaffer Ingenuity.

Bronze Level: Mary Kay/ Corbie Haas, Edward Jones/William Caughey, Splendid Consignment Shop/Avon, Legalshield/Joe Allegretti, Computer Island/Lolita Watkins, The Winery, Federal Resources, The Growth Coach, 1st Home Mortgage/, Comhar Helen Fitzgerald, Premier Designs/Jenny Spencer, doTERRA/, doTERRA Wellness Advocate/, Sara Taylor Coaching, Maid Healthy, Rodan and Fields, Cari Healy Hair, Carrie’s Cupcakery, Chesapeake Think Tank, Kent Island Minuteman Press, Linda Prochaska, and Bob Gosselin Photography.

Tickets to “Beef, Bonfires and Cigars” cost $50 per person and are available at