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With your help, hope is provided to those in need in Queen Anne’s County by supplying shelter, clothing, food and support. Ministries include a Homeless Shelter, Our Daily Thread Thrift Shop,  Emergency Food Pantries, Resource Center, Street Outreach, Art for Your Home, and a Warehouse with a Job Training Program.

  • Vision: To secure a permanent facility for shelter for those less fortunate
  • Goal: Helping people get back on their feet
  • Action: You make a difference in the lives of your neighbor by volunteering your time!  You change lives by providing assistance and empowering the homeless through financial support!  Thank you!
  • Future Goal: Housing Assistance Program. With your support, Haven Ministries is constructing (2) homes that would enable clients to live on the property long term for a reasonable fee.  A voluntary case management component will be part of the plan for these homes.
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