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Shelter Overview


Purpose: To provide a safe and warm environment for men, women, and children. To provide hope through Jesus Christ to those in need.

Dates of Operation for the Winter Season: October 2018 – April 2019
7 days a week

Times: 6 pm –7 pm, nightly
Call Sandi Wiscott, Director of Operations: 410-739-7859

Location: Kent Island United Methodist Church
2739 Cox Neck Road,  Chester, MD  21619
Near corner of Cox Neck Road and Rte. 50

Volunteers Provided By These Churches and Community Members:
Calvary United Methodist Church
Centreville United Methodist Church
Christ Episcopal Church
Faith Unity Church
First Baptist Church
Island Alliance Church
Kent Island United Methodist Church
Safe Harbor Presbyterian Church
Wye Parish
St. Christopher’s Catholic Church
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
NewUnited Methodist Church
Wye Bible Church
Wye of Carmichael United Methodist Church


Rules are subject to change as per the Board of Directors.

Sign in – 6:00-7:00 pm
All in need of shelter are required to sign in by 7 pm. If a work schedule does not permit one to sign in by 7 pm, the Director of Operations must be notified before 4 pm on that day. Shelter will be limited to 10 guests per night.  Some overflow space may be provided.

Dinner – 7:00 pm
Volunteers will provide dinner. Dinner volunteers stay and eat with shelter guests and help with clean up.

Leisure – 8:00-10:00 pm
Shelter guests will relax to games, books, and appropriate TV programs. Children will be encouraged to complete homework. Programs may be offered at this time, such as support group meetings, Bible studies, etc. Guests will be given toiletries and towels to wash up in the bathroom.

Lights Out – 10:00 pm
Guests sleep in the sleeping area or remain awake in the TV room until 1 am.

Sleeping and Monitoring – 6:00 pm – 6: 30 am
Shelter guests can sleep once the sleeping room is available. If guests choose to stay awake, they must remain in the TV room. Overnight monitors will be on duty throughout the night.

Wake up Call, Cleaning, and Departure – 6:30 am-7: 30 am
After the wake-up call at 6:30 am, everyone is to ready themselves for the day, eat breakfast, and clean personal sleeping areas. The eating areas and bathrooms are to be cleaned. A bagged lunch will be given to every guest before leaving the shelter. The building and all surrounding property must be vacated by 7:30 am.


Volunteers Will Perform The Following Duties:
6 pm – 12 am Sign-In Shift:
(Shelter staff perform breathalyzer tests.)
(Shelter staff signs in shelter guests by completing Haven Ministries daily information sheets. Paperwork will be filed and maintained daily.)
Eat and socialize with guests. Programs may be offered to guests, such as Bible studies and support groups.
Help prepare and clean up dinner.
Prepare guests for lights out.
Enforce lights-out policy in the sleeping area at 10 pm. Guests can remain awake in the TV room until 1 am.
Monitor guests and facility from 6 pm – 12 am.

12 am – 7:30 am Overnight Shift
Monitor guests throughout the night by periodically walking through the sleeping area.

Wake up call at 6:30 am
Serve breakfast.
Oversee clean up: cots, bedding, and personal items to be removed to designated storage areas.
Floor and eating areas must also be swept and cleaned.
Bathrooms must be cleaned.
All guests and volunteers are to leave shelter by 7:30 am.
All doors must be locked.

Meal Coordinators
Meal Coordinator works with a group of volunteers to provide dinner every night by 7 pm. (Preparation for dinner can begin at 6 pm.)
Organize food for a simple breakfast every morning.
Provide items for bagged lunches (for guests to take with them every morning).
Provide individually wrapped snacks and drinks.
Check in with Volunteer Coordinator.
Each church should create a list of alternate volunteers to help if someone is sick or does not show for duty. Lists should include at least 5 people.

Church Coordinators
Oversee all volunteers and assist with shelter operations for all assigned shelter nights.
Must be present every day of scheduled week to check with volunteers. Church coordinator is not required to stay the entire duration of shelter hours.
Must check in at beginning of every sign-in shift: 6 pm.
Reports to Director of Operations about problems and overall shelter issues. Communicate with Volunteer Coordinator regarding volunteers.

Director Of Operations

Executive Director

Senior Staff Coordinator (If Applicable)

Volunteer Coordinator

Overview of Haven Ministries Board of Directors Responsibilities




Drugs And Alcohol
Guests may not enter, at any time, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or with either in their possession. Daily, alcohol breathalyzer tests will be conducted at shelter location. If a guest is determined to be under the influence, or in possession of alcohol or drugs, the guest will be required to gather his/her possessions and leave the shelter immediately.

Guests must undergo random, urine and/or saliva drug tests and breathalyzer tests when deemed necessary by shelter monitors. Urine and saliva drug tests will be visually supervised byHaven Ministries staff as they oversee the urine stream and saliva into the drug testing kit.

Sex Offenders
All guests will be checked for sex offenses. No guest will be allowed to stay who has been accused or charged with any sex offense.
Registry to be checked daily.

Criminal History
I give permission for the Director of Operations and Haven Home staff to receive a criminal history from the appropriate officials, such as the Sheriff’s Department, Police Departments, websites, etc. if deemed necessary.

Personal Belongings Search
I give permission for the Director of Operations and staff to search my clothing, car, and my personal belongings upon first entering the shelter and when deemed necessary thereafter.


Cell Phones And Electronics



Shelter Structure

Request Help
All needs of guests must be directed to the Director of Operations. No volunteer or other staff member is to be approached at any time for any needs or requests outside of normal shelter provisions. Violation of this rule is deemed as harassment and can result in removal from shelter for the season.

Clean Areas


Change Of Rules

If rules are violated:


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