Shelter Program Matrix

Shelter Program Matrix

This Matrix is used to assist homeless shelter guests as they move onward to independent living. It is a way to monitor the progression of each client in key areas.

Introduced to Christ
Spiritual Formation
*No or minimum knowledge of Christ or the Gospel *Understanding of Gospel Message *Profession of faith in Christ
*Takes personal responsibility for spiritual growth
Character Development
*Limited awareness of consequences of actions
*Often emotionally fragile
*Sometimes demonstrates positive character
*Seldom emotionally fragile
*Frequently demonstrates mature character traits
*Seeks help to develop good character traits
*Rarely emotionally fragile
Sustainable income and Housing
Employment/ Sustainable Income
*Part time or temporary job with inadequate pay, no benefits
*Employed part time with sustainable income
*Employed full time with adequate income
*Employed part or full time with adequate income and benefits
*Living in place not meant for human habitation
*Temporary housing situation, ex: couch surfing
*Enrolled in short or long term program *Living in affordable and safe housing
Plan for the future
*No high school or GED diploma *Earned high school or GED diploma *Working toward higher education or job training
Life Skills
*Limited life skills
*Minimum goal setting
*Identify and implement key next steps to life plan *Actively seeks help to implement life plan
*Evaluates progress of life plan
Shelter Program Matrix May 14, 2018
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