Housing Assistance Program FAQ’s

Haven Ministries is the Gateway for Those in Queen Anne’s County Needing Housing Assistance


The Housing Assistance Program is an expansion of our emergency housing services. This program will offer individuals and families who are experiencing housing issues, such as impending eviction or the inability to locate affordable housing, an opportunity to live in a consistent residence during a specific time period. Participants will work closely with a case manager to ensure that they are positioned for success to secure long-term housing once their respective program period is over.

No. Traditionally, housing assistance is a longer term program where individuals and families can apply for and receive assistance to maintain a consistent residence. These programs typically offer assistance for 1-2 years. In contrast, a homeless shelter is a dedicated location that offers emergency overnight safe and warm accommodations for individuals and families that do not have a dedicated location in which to sleep. Although both are important programs, they each serve a different population of community members with different needs.

Although Haven Ministries offers a number of very important housing support programs like an emergency shelter, street outreach, and a resource center; it’s our Housing Assistance Program in development that will be the flagship service for individuals and families who are experiencing housing issues, housing insecurities, or the lack of available affordable housing, and will therefore offer an opportunity to realize the goal of long-term, safe and stable housing.

The Housing Assistance Program is a longer-term program whereby individuals or families apply for the program, pass the background checks, and voluntarily agree to work with a case manager. Upon approval, the participants will pay a program fee and be allowed to stay in a house for a period of up to (2) years. Haven Ministries will connect participants to area resources such as education, jobs, and job training allowing individuals and families to stabilize, build up their resources, and successfully move on toward safe and affordable housing.

No. The Housing Assistance Program and the homeless shelter are two entirely separate and independent programs at different locations offered by Haven Ministries, both of which serve different community members in Queen Anne’s County. The Housing Assistance Program creates longer term stability, while the homeless shelter provides an emergency safe and warm location. The Housing Assistance Program will have a dedicated oversight subcommittee and staff case managers, who monitor the program.

Yes. As part of its mission, Haven Ministries will continue to operate a homeless shelter at Kent Island United Methodist Church. The homeless shelter, just like the emergency food pantries or Art for your Home, is a completely separate and independent program from the other programs offered and managed by Haven Ministries. 

Community members of Queen Anne’s County who are experiencing housing issues, or who are having difficulty sourcing available affordable housing will be eligible to apply for the Housing Assistance Program. These community members are not necessarily homeless, rather they might be at risk of being so.

Housing issue can be defined in different ways, including housing instable. It can encompass many challenges that any one of us might have experienced in the past or very well could experience in the future, i.e. trouble paying rent or a mortgage, moving frequently due to the lack of affordable housing, or spending a majority of household income on housing. 

Queen Anne’s County is Maryland’s Gateway to the Eastern Shore. The County is known for its prime location on the Chesapeake Bay, its short distance to major cities, an exceptional quality of life for residents, picturesque colonial-era homes and waterfront estates, as well as abundant and nutrient-rich farmland. All of this, though, comes at a cost. And there are those who are housing insecure, are facing housing issues, or cannot source affordable housing in Queen Anne’s County. In a county lacking affordable housing, Haven Ministries is stepping up to meet the demand that does exist.

No.The Housing Assistance Program will include a process for individuals and families to apply for the program and will be structured similar to that of a landlord-tenant relationship. A program fee will be collected from the Housing Assistance Program clients. Those accepted will agree to work with a case manager to transition into permanent housing. 

The Housing Assistance Program will be funded by private donations including foundations made directly to Haven Ministries and through major fundraising activities. In addition a program fee will be collected from the Housing Assistance Program clients approved for the program.

Currently, our dedicated team of staff, volunteers, partner-organizations and businesses are working together to develop this much-needed and worthy program for individuals and families in Queen Anne’s County desiring to participate in a program.  Please watch our website and social media pages for updates. 

We are excited to share that we are currently looking at plans for the Kent Island area. We are also assembling a committee of new home industry professionals to guide us through the many aspects and phases of design and construction to ensure attractive exterior aesthetics as well as the inclusion of the latest energy-efficient and environmentally-sensitive building materials. Please watch our website and social media pages for updates.

It is our goal to provide timely and relevant information related to the development of the Haven Ministries Housing Assistance Program. As details of the program are confirmed, we will provide the information via our monthly e-newsletter, our website, and our social media pages. For additional information contact Krista Pettit at 410-739-4363

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