Haven Ministries Facts:

  • Outstanding community PARTNER for 18 years 
  • Developed alliances with local Churches and Businesses, County Agencies, County Government, and other Nonprofit Organizations
  • Impeccable safety record of all ministries
  • Almost two decades of experience working with vulnerable community members of Queen Anne’s County
  • Operates (2) food pantry locations per month, a retail thrift store, a resource center, an emergency homeless shelter, a street outreach program, an art program, a retail warehouse with job training and employment opportunities – largest “helps” organization in QAC
  • Provides quality services proven to change lives including education, job training, and employment opportunities. 
The Right Thing to Do. 

We love Queen Anne’s County, which is why we work so diligently to offer support to the most vulnerable members of our community. There are people you see every day,  although you might not know it, that do not have a safe or warm place to sleep. For people experiencing an emergency, we operate an emergency shelter, open October – April.  However, there is an increasing number of people that have difficulty affording the cost of housing in our community year round.  Through the support from our volunteers and business partners we are working every day to lower that number by offering resources and additional services lacking in our community. 

Haven Ministries has grown from a community outreach program sixteen years ago to a multi-faceted ministry and is once again expanding our services to include a Housing Assistance Program, which will help close the gap for Lack of Affordable Housing in QAC.  Two single family homes will be built for residential use, housing up to 5 or fewer unrelated people in each home, which is in compliance with current zoning ordinances. Each home will be comparable to similar homes in the neighborhood. The residents are vetted, including background checks, and the homes will be operated similar to a tenant-landlord relationship. These homes will be used to transform lives; offering stability, safety, and reliability to those who quite often go without. People in need of drug, alcohol, or mental programs are referred to the agencies that specialize in these areas of health management. 

The site selection for this program was rigorous and carefully planned, taking 5 years. Ultimately, we have chosen a location close to jobs, schools, and amenities for clients setting them up for success in finding permanent housing. Throughout these 5 years our search for housing has been widely supported and publicized throughout the community. We are so grateful for the support of the Queen Anne’s County  citizens who have supported and helped bring this vision into focus and change lives.