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Haven Ministries has initiated a new program to provide original artwork to people making the transition from homelessness (or living in a shelter) to permanent housing. We recognize that when money is tight, buying artwork is probably a low priority. But artwork can help a new place feel like home and provide a genuine sense of ownership. Importantly, recipients get to choose which artwork they want — something that is meaningful for them.

Under the Art for Your Home program, original artwork is provided at no cost. Haven Ministries has partnered with the Queen Annes’ County Centre for the Arts, which has agreed to solicit art donations from its members for this program.

The artwork is available at

Hope Warehouse:  6527 Friels Road, Queenstown, MD  21658


The Resource Center at 206 Del Rhodes Ave., Queenstown, MD


If you have any questions or wish to make a donation of artwork, please contact Phil Stapleton (marganphil@gmail.com).

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