Our Staff

Krista Pettit
Krista Pettit

Founder and Executive Director

Krista Pettit is the Founder and Executive Director of Haven Ministries.  In her leadership roll,  she develops programs and policies for all of the programs. She is a grant writer and has responsibilities with finances, legal issues, and other operational responsibilities.  410-739-4363, krista@haven-ministries.com

Taryn Chase
Taryn Chase

Marketing and Business Development Director

Taryn Chase enhances donor support and services thus increasing donor satisfaction. She oversees the business sponsorship program and engages the public with awareness and fundraising events. 410-490-0925, taryn@haven-ministries.com

Karen Bardwell
Karen Bardwell

Volunteer Coordinator

Karen Bardwell is works with Church Coordinators, trains volunteers, recruits new volunteers, and assists with volunteer paperwork.  410-490-3173, hmvolunteercoordinator@gmail.com

Sandi Wiscott
Sandi Wiscott

Director of Operations / Case Manager

Sandi Wiscott has worked with Haven Ministries  for approximately thirteen years – first as a volunteer and then as paid staff. Her primary focus is working with guests at Haven Ministries Homeless Shelter. She has years of experience in working with clients to connect them to programs and services.  410-739-7859, sandi@haven-ministries.com

Mary Jeeter

Resource Center Case Manager 

Mary is a new addition to our staff.  She assists clients at the resource center by connecting them to resources and teaching budget classes.  She brings a lot of knowledge and compassion to the job. 410-758-0129,  Mary@haven-ministries.com

Alvin Craft
Alvin Craft

Case Manager Shelter

Alvin works alongside the Director of Operations and helps manage the shelter operations.  He ensures that all shelter rules are followed and all policies and procedures are implemented.

Christine Perkins

Food Pantry Coordinator

Chris is the new Food Pantry Staff Member who oversees the food distribution in Queenstown and Sudlersville.  She works directly with guests to provide for their food needs.  She works with volunteers to assist guests in receiving food and connecting to area resources.  Christine@haven-ministries.com,  443-988-1183.

liz bazzell
Liz Bazzell

Manager of Our Daily Thread Thrift Store

Liz manages the Thrift Store by sorting and organizing inventory and scheduling volunteers. She is always ready to help customers, volunteers, and donors with a wonderful and cheerful smile.  410-353-0455

Linda Haney with Michael Gross
Michael Gross and Linda Haney

Overnight Shelter Staff

Linda Haney  monitors the shelter overnight and assists clients.  She ensure safety of the clients and facility.

Pamela Boyce
Pamela Boyce

Overnight Shelter Staff

Pamela is a dedicated overnight shelter staff member that has worked this shift for over 12 years! She monitors  the shelter overnight to ensure safety and help the clients get ready for the day.

Susan Phillips
Susan Philips

Hope Warehouse Manager

Susan is the Hope Warehouse Manager who coordinates donations and sales of used furniture, appliances, and building supplies. She also develops and oversees the retail job training program.  410-490-8498, hopewarehouse@haven-ministries.com